The edit the __res.txt file
In Carnivores 2, there is a text file called _res.txt in the "Huntdat" directory, which assigns
the variables to determine the amount of power, loudness, rate of fire, and
number of shots of all of the weapons.  This file also determines how tough and how
sensitive the senses are for each dinosaur. There are also variables to determine how much each map, dinosaur, and
weapon cost.  By modifying these values with notepad, you can customize
the game completely!  But before you begin changing these values, make sure that you copy the standard "_res.txt" file in a different directory, to back up the file.

To locate this easy to edit file, just browse your hard drive to the location of c:\program file\carnivores 2\HUNTDAT\__res.txt .


The __res.txt file is divided into four areas or "blocks."
Open this text file with NOTEPAD to edit any of the numbers.

To view the original values click here

Weapons Block:

power = Reflects how much damage the weapon can do.  The shotguns show a
low power because it reflects the damage of each individual piece of
buckshot.  You can double the numbers to double the power of your
weapons.  You should definitely up the sniper rifle to around 10 or so,
to compensate for the power lost from making distant shots.

loud = The loudness of the weapons can be reduced to as little as 0.1 so
they don't alert other dinos when used.  Cutting all the numbers in half
will cause each weapon to be half as loud.

rate = A lower number means a faster reload rate.   I like a fast rate
of fire, so I set all weapons rates to 0.2.

shots = Double or triple each value to double or triple your ammo.

Under the character block:

health = Reflects the toughness of the dinos.  Don't change the health
of the hunter character as there are no benefits and could cause
problems.  Don't alter the health of the Brachiosaurus either, because
it can't be drawn in the trophy room and will cause your system to crash
when you enter the trophy room.  The only health value I changed is for
the T-rex, which is a ludicrous value by default (over 1,024).  Change it to a value
of 50 so it behaves more realistically when compared to the other big

smell =,hear =,look = Changes the sensitivity of the dinos senses.
Smaller numbers makes the dinos senses duller, which means its ability
to spot you is also diminished.

mass =, length = Reflects the weight and length of each dino.  The
default values for the Ceratosaurus does not match the info from the
Carnivores 2 manual.  You can fix this bug by changing its mass to 4 and
length to 8.  I'd leave all the other dinos variables the way they are.

In the prices block:

Leave the start = value at 100.  Changing it does not affect gameplay or
how much money you start out with, and could cause unwanted problems.
Changing area =, dino = and weapon = to lower numbers reduces the price
of that item, so your initial $100 goes much furthur.  You can set all
those variables to 0 and have all maps, weapons and dinosaurs at your

-A Special Thanks goes to Ernie.


Binoculars: There are no points deducted for the use of the binoculars in the hunt.  Press the "B" key (default) to use the binoculars and then again, to put them away.  With this item, you can see just outside of your normal viewable range, and centering the crosshairs on a dinosaur will show you the animal's size.

Map: The map allows you to pinpoint your location on any island.  There are no points deducted from your score for using it.  Press the TAB key (default) to call the map into view, and press it again, to remove. The map is used with the radar, as stated above to point out locations of the dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Call: This item is used to use the dinosaur's native calls, to attract the animals.  There are no points deducted from your score for using the Dinosaur Call.  Press the "ALT" key (default) to use the call.  The call, when overused, can scare plant eaters, or attract meat eaters to your location, so be careful.

Wind Indicator and Compass: These items are standard for a hunter, and do not deduct points from your score.  The Wind Indicator shows wind direction with an arrow, with the length of the arrow denoting the force of the wind.  The Compass shows the direction that you are facing on top.  These items can be toggled into and out of use with the <CAPS LOCK> key (default).


The following are helpful when learning how to hunt, but points are deducted from your hunt with the use of certain items. To use any item, simply click on the icon in the menu.  A lighted icon denotes its use for the hunt.

Radar: This allows you to view the dinosaur locations on the map during your hunt.  A dinosaur is depicted on the map as a green dot.  Your location is shown as the red dot with the circle surrounding it.  Please note that the map shows only the dinosaurs you are hunting.  All other dinosaurs are masked.  Use of the map deducts 30% from your total points acquired during that hunt.

Cover Scent: This item allows you to mask your scent from all dinosaurs reducing the likelihood of you being spotted.  Use of the Cover Scent deducts 20% from your total points acquired during that hunt.

Camouflage: This special suit decreases the dinosaur's ability to detect you through sight. Use of the Camouflage deducts 15% from your total points acquired during that hunt.